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Information about account holders at Newscene is strictly confidential and will not be released to anyone without proper legal authorization.


2. Information about account holders at Newscene will be released only to duly authorized officers of the Court who present the proper legal documents or to our merchant processing center to dispute account charges.


3. Information about account holders at Newscene will not be exchanged with or sold to advertising lists.


4. Information about alleged offending account holders at Newscene will not be released to anyone who lodges a complaint or to the press.


5. Newscene cannot concern itself with WHAT our customers communicate. Newscene does not monitor or supervise the content of network traffic. However in the case that abusive content is brought to our attention by some means, Newscene must cooperate as necessary with law enforcement authorities within the appropriate legal boundaries and if driected, take the necessary action within the guidelines set by Newscene policies and law enforcement requirements, if applicable.


6. Newscene has a duty to its customers, investors and the rest of the global Internet to keep its systems operating in ways that provide maximum value for all concerned.


7.  Newscene's policy is Innocent Until Proven Guilty Administrative or disciplinary actionwill only be initiated when there is clear evidence that identifies the offending Newscene account.


8. Newscene's accounts used for attacks (forgeries, mailbombs, network transport attacks, newsgroup flooding) will be closed immediately upon authorization by a specified staff member of Newscene. If it can be established that the account security was compromised, and the attack was not the work of the account holder, the account may be reinstated with a different username/password at the discretion of Newscene.


9. Spamming is forbidden. We use spam filtering and spam detection programs to identify abusers. Newscene recognizes the need to advertise but users must stay within acceptable Internet guidelines. Spam has many definitions. Some definitions include posting to inappropriate groups, large cross postings, the posting of the same article to multiple groups over a short time span, postings which violates the newsgroups' charter and/or FAQ. There ARE appropriate ways to advertise than simple mass, repetitive, or inapproprate posting. Newscene reserves the right to restrict posting rights and to terminate an account for spamming.


10. Should you find yourself receiving unsolicited email to your Newscene account, you may redirect the mail, with all headers included, to abuse@newscene.com  and we will contact the provider of the sending account. You may also contact that provider by emailing postmaster@ (insert provider domain)


11. If a message flood results in a group becoming unusable, Newscene reserves the right to restore the group to a useable state, possibly by altering or deleting the message flood.


12. 'Sucking' feeds are prohibited unless authorized. 'Sucking feeds will require an additional charge. 'Sucking feeds' will not be provided to individual users. Newscene reserves the right to terminate an account used for an unauthorized 'sucking feed'.



User Rules


1. Don't do anything to jeopardize the integrity of the Internet, or Newscene's systems.


2. Users shall act responsibly and shall not abuse the freedom given to them.By observing proper Internet use and respecting the rights of everyone benefits everyone in the end.


3. Violation of the Newscene's Policies or User Rules may result in immediate account termination.


4. The service which you are purchasing from Newscene is a Usenet News reading service. Your ability to post is a privilege, and Newscene may suspend that privilege for any reason, at any time, without notice. Reasons that posting privileges may be suspended include, but are not limited to, spamming and posting of copyrighted material.


5.  Subscribers leasing web space from Newscene shall be held accountable for the content of and any coding involving ISAPI, active server pages, etc. which is used with their web projects. Any web project that results in the disruption of web services shall result in a $25.00 US fine being imposed for each incident. Newscene reserves the right to reject any content which appears to be in violation of Nebraska state law and federal laws and regulations. This not by choice but rather obeying the rules set upon us.