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Newscene offers month-to-month and multi-month account options.
All prices are in U.S. Dollars.

Month-to-month account options

Metered Download Without A Speed Limit - Month-to-Month
Account typeLength of subscriptionDownload allowanceCost
Standard1 month (autorenew)5 Gigabytes$12.99
Pro1 month (autorenew)10 Gigabytes$16.99
Gold1 month (autorenew)20 Gigabytes$24.99
Platinum1 month (autorenew)40 Gigabytes$39.99
Double Platinum1 month (autorenew)80 Gigabytes$69.99

These "metered download without a speed limit" accounts give you a download allowance and a specific amount of time within which to use that allowance. You may use up to 9 connections simultaneously. You can download as fast as possible (within the limits of your connection, our server capabilities, and constraints on the network between us and you), but the amount of data you can download is metered; that is to say, you select an account based on how much you expect to download during your subscription period, and you can download as fast as possible up to that amount of data. If you want to download more data than that--or if your subscription period expires before you download that amount of data--you will need to begin a new subscription period with a new download allowance. Unused download allowance does not carry over to your next subscription period.

Multi-month account options

If you choose to subscribe for a multi-month period, you have the entire period to use your download allowance. For example, if you sign up for 6 months of the Pro plan, you have 6 months to download 60 Gigabytes. Multi-month costs are as follows:

Metered Download Without A Speed Limit - Multi-Month
Account typeLength of subscriptionDownload allowanceCost
Standard3 months15 Gigabytes$36.99
Pro3 months30 Gigabytes$48.99
Gold3 months60 Gigabytes$72.99
Platinum3 months120 Gigabytes$117.99
Double Platinum3 months240 Gigabytes$207.99
Standard6 months30 Gigabytes$71.99
Pro6 months60 Gigabytes$95.99
Gold6 months120 Gigabytes$143.99
Platinum6 months240 Gigabytes$233.99
Double Platinum6 months480 Gigabytes$413.99