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Content Disclaimer


Let it be known that Newscene is not responsible for the content of the Usenet service it provides. Although some content may be offensive, undesireable, inaccurate, threatening, or illegal, Newscene assumes no responsibility for the content of posted articles and only provides access to such content as part of providing a comprehensive service to all of its customers.


The name of a newsgroup is not illegal in nature and does not necessarily imply inappropriate or illegal activity. However, we encourage customers to exercise caution and discretion when viewing and posting to all Usenet newsgroups. All content, without limitation, is provided by and is the responsibility of the person posting the content. We expect all customers to abide by the courtesies of Usenet etiquette, and the letter and spirit of all applicable civil and criminal laws.


It is possible for illegal messages to be posted to any group on Usenet and Newscene has no way of monitoring or controlling this. Newscene is not in a position to determine what is illegal as Newscene does not monitor the content and is not qualified to judge what is illegal.


If you believe a customer of Newscene is using the service for illegal purposes, please contact the appropriate law enforcement officials. If you believe a customer of Newscene is using the service to violate copyright laws, please contact the copyright holder directly. If you are a copyright holder and believe a Newscene customer has infringed your copyright, please follow the procedures outlined in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. DMCA agent contact information is given at the bottom of this page.


If Newscene is presented with a court order to remove messages, cancel an account, remove a newsgroup, or log a customer's activity, then Newscene will have no choice but to comply with the court order. Let it be known then that Newscene is not the censor, but rather the court who issues the order is the censor.


Newscene hopes that by providing an uncensored Usenet service with a very high degree of anonymity that customers will respond by acting responsibly and appropriately. Newscene is always open to suggestions to improve its service.


For notifications pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, please send all communications to: Attn: DMCA Designated Agent, Novia Corp., PO Box 45349, Omaha, NE 68145-0349. (402) 895-2633, dmca@novia.net. This telephone number and email address should only be used for DMCA notifications. All other inquires should be directed to staff@newscene.com.